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Welcome to this website !

Thank you for visiting us and we wish you a pleasant stay !

In order for you to be fully informed about your rights on this website, please read this short and sumarizing document, which presents our Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions of Usage.

Continuing to navigate on this website constitutes your implicit and unconditional acceptance !

This document acts as a "Usage Contract" and has legal value.

Chapter 1: Preamble:

According to the current laws and regulations of Personal Data Protection (GDPR), in Romania and in the European Union, and to present your rights on this website, this document was created, which presents our Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions of Usage.

The Privacy Policy refers to the personal data, specifically to the management of this data regarding this website. The Terms and Conditions refer to your rights on this website, specifically what is permited and what is forbidden on this website.

Chapter 2: Cookies:

This website uses cookies. (What are cookies ?)

There are multiple types of cookies. We use only session cookies, which help you navigate this website properly.

By accessing this website, it is possible that you already have a cookie saved from us, but this cookie is nothing more than a cookie wich initiates the session between your browser and our server, without actually transmitting personal identification data.
This cookie is a must-have one and we cannot present you this document before this cookie is saved on your device, for technological reasons.

By being here already and reading this document, you implicitly, unconditionally and retroactively accept the fact that session cookies are already used in your relationship with this website. Of course, continuing to navigate on this website implies the fact that, automatically, cookies are continuously being used.

Chapter 3: What kind of data do we record ?:

Excepting cookies, which are described above, we also log personal data.

There are 2 types of personal data:

* Group-related personal data:

This data has a general purpose and usage and identifies only the group or the category from which you belong, as a visitor of our website.
This data does not identify you personally.

For example:

When you access our website, the latter will log your IP address from which you access the website (your Internet address), the region or country from where you access the website, your browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.).
In other words, this data shows us, for example, that you belong to the group of people which access the website from a specific country, you use a specific browser, you have specific company as your Internet Service Provider, etc.
This data is more of a technical nature and does not identify you directly, as a person.

* Identifiable personal data:

This data has a personal characteristic and it identifies you directly, as a person.

For example:

A contact or a registration form in which you must enter your real data: name, first name, e-mail, phone, physical address, card number, etc.
This data is used by us in order to offer you the service which you require, for example to be able to contact you directly, for which we must know you directly, because the target of our communication is you, as a person.

Chapter 4: Why do we record the data ?:

We log both types of personal data:

- Group-related personal data:

We log this data automatically, as part of our web statistics, for improving our services.
You do not have control over this data, because this data is obtained and processed automatically.

- Identifiable personal data:

We log them in the contact forms of our website, or in the application forms for a service we offer on our website.
You have control over this data, because it's up to you to provide us whatever data you wish (by filling in the exact fields in the forms of the website).

Caution ! If, whatever reason, you do not provide all the information that is requested, and you provide only partial information, this could affect the way that we communicate or the quality of our services, because, in almost all cases, we need all the data that we request.
We assure you that we require only the minimal information which we must have, on our contact/application forms.

Chapter 5: How do we record this data ?:

There are multiple ways in which your information can be recorded. We record it only in digital format, for the data stored by us.

The recording of group-related personal data is being performed by our server and by web traffic analysis services. In the case of ads cookies, the recording is being performed by the provider of the ads service.

The recording of the identification personal data is being performed by our server and it stores the data as:
- computer files
- e-mails, stored on computer or server
- SQL database records
- other forms of recording...

A method of storing the data is chosen, depending on the situation: what kind of data (group, individual), what is its purpose (contact, service request), etc.

Chapter 6: Data Security:

For all the data that is stored at us, we guarantee its security, beggining right from your browser (if it is not compromised).
The security of the communication channel is granted by the permanent HTTPS connection (secured web traffic, by encrypting the data from your browser to our server), which prevents revealing encrypted information, if the information was intercepted in transit, on the network.

The security of our server is granted, at the hardware level, by the fact that the server is held in a secure room in an apartment, which has multiple physical security elements.
The security of our server is granted, at the software level, by multiple protection systems (Firewall, IPS, Strict Security Policies, Security Authorizations verified by Certification Authorities (HTTPS), etc.)

Chapter 7: Deletion of data:

Your personal data (the identification type only) and only the data which is stored on our systems, can be deleted anytime, if you wish, but only if you issue an express written request, by e-mail.
If you type a removal request and submit it to us, in which you mention the fact that you wish your data removed from our systems, we guarantee that in maximum 72 hours from receiving your request e-mail, an operator will delete any data that identifies you in a personal way, and in our records, your data will be replaced with: "Anonymous visitor with anonymous data".

However, we cannot guarantee the removal of your group-related personal data from our external providers (sites that monitor our web traffic, ads cookies, etc.).
We can request this to our providers, on your behalf, but only if you request this, explicitly, but we cannot guarantee the fact that our providers will comply with our request and your data will be really removed.

Chapter 8: Third party disclosure:

Regarding your personal data that is stored on our systems, we gurantee the fact that your data will not be disclosed to any third party, being that a person/company/organization, etc., with the exception when the law forces us to do so. In this case we shall disclose the data only to the competent authorities and only by well-founded legal reason.
In this case, you will be notified immediately.

Chapter 9: Terms and Conditions:

You have the right to visit our website and to access all the public areas and to use all the webforms, in a normal, good-faith, civilized manner, and for the reason of existence.

It is forbidden to copy, multiply, download or replicate, by any means, without our authorization, any part of this website (legal Copyright), the bad usage, the attempts to attack this website by any possible means and ways and for whatever reason.
We have security systems which can detect these kind of attacks and, in case of non-compliance with this document ("Terms and Conditions" section), legal action will be taken.

In the end, to avoid any problems or issues, any confusions or any misunderstandings of any kind, you have the obligation of fully undestanding the contents of this document !
In case of problems / legal issues, phrases like: "I did not understand the contents of this document" shall not be tolerated.
This document is trying to present the contents as simple as possible, using general terms, for everyone to understand.

If, for whatever reason, there are still questions or issues of understanding this document, you have the obligation of contacting us (see the section below) and request clarifications. In the end, this document must be fully understood, without exception.
We consider that, in the end, the contents of this document is fully understood by our visitors, regardless if they requested supplemental explanations or not.

Chapter 10. Contact:

If you wish to contact us, for whatever reason, regarding our website, this document, the services offered on this website, and any other questions, you may do it using the official e-mail address:

Any e-mail we receive, as well as any conversations performed afterwards, will be saved in our database, for archiving, legal and service improvements reasons.

Thank you !